Robert N. Rue Nursing Scholarship

($500-$1,000 annually)


This scholarship is awarded to a nursing student at Three Rivers Community College (TRCC) who demonstrates excellence in nursing. This will require the ability to make appropriate clinical judgments in providing quality, holistic patient care. This student will show caring, compassionate advocacy for patients. There will be evidence of communication skills that allows for establishing effective rapport with patients. The recipient will evidence a life-long desire to become a nurse. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required. The scholarship is available each spring to a current TRCC nursing student.


Past Recipients:

  • 2018 - Laci Gardner ($1,000) #
  • 2017 - Kelli Rodgers ($600) #
  • 2016 - Rachel Suacier ($800) #
  • 2015 - Jodi Sylvester ($800) #
  • 2014 - Colette Stoodley ($1,117) ***
  • 2013 - Christina Campo ($1,000) **
  • 2012 - Ashley Bates ($1,000) *
  • 2011 - Karolyn Donaldson ($1,000) *
  • 2010 - Tina Eldridge ($655) *
  • 2009 - Carol Lord ($750) *


#  Funded by the Rue Family

*** Funded through support from the TRCC Foundation, and by the Rue Family.

** Funded by the TRCC Foundation.

*  Funded through donations for Lisa Rue's "Bare Bones" CD series.


**** Donations are always gratefully accepted through the TRCC Foundation **** 

(574 New London Turnpike; Norwich, CT  06360)

**** Please note in the check memo:  Robert N. Rue Nursing Scholarship ****



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TRCC Nursing Scholarship and Application Contact:

        The Nursing Department at Three Rivers Community College (Norwich, CT) at 860-885-2661